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This performance of “I’m Still Standing” by Sir Elton John was a collaboration conducted by my friend Renan.

Audio Production duties were handled by the Mighty David AKA “Enairgy” who poured tirelessly over the mix to get everything sounding just right.

Video editing and overall wrangling of the performers and keeping everything fun and light hearted by the AMAZING Renan.

The melodious tones played on the “Ivories” (piano) and holding us all together musically handled by the very excellent TomO AKA “TomatoStick”.

Lush and Huge Backing vocals sung by the lovely Miss Caro30 and David.

The guitar solo is performed by the Guitar Curmudgeon.

Renan, as our ringleader, foreman and majority whip has given us the title of “UG’s Avengers”.

This was a lot of fun and the performances throughout, both musically and physical energy exertion by way of dance and other various “wriggling in time” movements are fantastic. This is well worth the watch.

The performance here is just the guitar solo.

The full version can be found on Renan’s YouTube channel “R Chap”.

Full Performance

If you aren’t smiling now, you will be by the end.

The Tabs for the guitar solo are downloadable in both PDF and Guitar Pro versions. Just hit the buttons below.

Ultimate Guitar Profiles:

Lesson Files: